United One Resources
United One Resources, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
Wilkes-Barre Office
270 North Sherman Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702
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Executive Officers
Louis J. Cesare - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Sean Higgins - Executive Vice President
Lori Brady - Chief Financial Officer
Frank Mroczka - Senior Counsel
Julie Phillips - Executive Assistant
Sales and Marketing
Michael McNamara - Regional Vice President
Jennifer Dennison - Regional Account Executive
Christine Dolan - Regional Account Executive
IT Department - Technical Support Contact
Products and Services
Jennifer Collins - Supervisor of Accounting
Miriam D'Elia - Supervisor of Title Services
Shirley Biagioli - Supervisor of Credit Services
Eric Wanchisen - Supervisor of Appraisal Services
Lauren Mishanski - Real Estate Services Team Leader, Customer Service
Holly Tencza - Real Estate Services Team Leader, Order Fulfillment
Credit Services Division
Phone 570-824-7811 x2785
Fax 570-824-9502
Real Estate Services Division
Phone 570-824-7811 x2735
Fax 570-824-2885
Title Insurance Services Division
Phone 570-823-3337
Fax 570-824-6831
HUD Servicing Team
Phone 570-270-0366
Fax 570-270-0251
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